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What makes a social care business successful? We know the answers and can make this a reality for you!

What makes a social care business successful?

Is a care business successful because it has a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ rating from CQC? Is it because it has high occupancy or high weekly hours? Or maybe it’s due to a healthy staff culture?

Most people who have run or managed a care business know that any one of these components by itself isn’t the answer. You’ll understand that all the different parts of a care business such as compliance, care delivery, HR, marketing and finance, must function together seamlessly, to create success and balance for the long-term.

The Care Ideals team know this, and we’ll work with you to make your care business successful, stable and robust. In our experience, the vast majority of care providers deliver dedicated and compassionate services to their residents and service users. However, many find it difficult to translate this commitment into a care business that is effective and in sync on all levels, day-in and day-out.

We’ve seen first-hand how failing to get the balance right can be hugely detrimental for care delivery, for staff culture and for the bottom line. This is especially true for smaller providers. They often don’t have the infrastructure they need to create an operationally sound, financially strong and future-proofed care business. Some smaller providers know changes are called for but aren’t sure what changes to make and sometimes you won’t have the confidence to make these changes.

Many of you contract support from a variety of different companies; one for HR, one for compliance, one for policies, and so on. Some of these support companies aren’t care specialists, and they’ve never run or operated a care business. This can limit the effectiveness of the advice you receive, and also limit the development and growth of your care business.

To improve this state of affairs, we offer a unique and innovative concept – a ‘one stop shop’ approach that simultaneously addresses every aspect of your care business. We call this service our Complete Care Business Solution – where you deal only with our team.

Our in-house experts – who together have 160 years (and counting) of combined experience running, managing and advising care businesses – will act as your business partner, your adviser and your cheerleader.

We have extensive knowledge of the social care industry. Combining that with our expertise in improving outcomes for our clients, enables us to help you build and maintain an ever-improving strategy for your care business.

We’ll work with you to create balance and growth in all areas, including CQC compliance, care delivery, staff culture, leadership, marketing and profitability.

To ensure that every care business gets the support that best matches its own particular needs and resources, we offer three levels of the Complete Care Business Solution – Essential, Enhanced and Elite – with the Elite option providing the most coverage. All three options provide comprehensive, consistent and 24/7 support for one monthly fee, that we guarantee will:

Our Complete Care Business Solution may sound a little ‘outside the box’ to some. But to us it makes perfect sense, and it works.

Being innovative is one of the many tools we use to help make care businesses better from top to bottom. We regard all clients as unique, and we adapt what we provide so that it’s as bespoke as possible. Combining our expertise, knowledge and positive attitude, with buy-in from the owner and manager in particular, will lead to real progress being made in all aspects of your care business.

We’ve done it many times. In fact, in the last few years we’ve significantly improved outcomes for many care businesses. Here are just a few examples:

We know it’s very difficult to develop and maintain a care business that delivers exceptional care, that is operationally sound and also profitable. But Care Ideals can help, whether you’re a new entrant to the social care industry or an established care operator.

All these benefits, all from one place and all the time.

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