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The CQC’s Single Assessment Framework: How, when and why is it changing?

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As health and social care providers across England prepare for the CQC’s Single Assessment Framework, and the changes to how it monitors services and conducts inspections, Care Ideals takes a deeper look into the changes. This transformative approach is set to redefine how care quality is assessed, with a focus on uniformity, person-centred care and adaptability.

Why is the CQC changing to a Single Assessment Framework?

Coherence and Consistency:

Person-Centred Care:

Transparency and Engagement:

Adaptability to Change:

When is the CQC changing to its Single Assessment Framework?

The CQC changed to the Single Assessment Framework from 5th December 2023. The staged rollout with continue through to February 2024 after which all providers will be assessed under the new framework, with CQC using the new approach for applications to register a new activity or service.

How will the CQC’s Single Assessment Framework change inspections?

Unified Assessment Process:

Person-Centred Approach:

Dynamic and Adaptable:

Data-Driven Evaluation:

What are the key questions addressed by the CQC’s new Single Assessment Framework?

Is the Care Person-Centred?




What are the quality statements of the CQC’s new Single Assessment Framework?

There are multiple quality statements for each key question and each is assessed and scored.


Safety and Effectiveness:

Well-Led and Responsive:

Example Statement: “Leadership fosters a culture of openness and accountability, responding proactively to changes in healthcare needs.”

What will the scoring mechanism be for quality statements in the CQC’s new Single Assessment Framework?

Each quality statement will be assessed on a scale, with scores ranging from 1 to 5

A score of 1 indicates a substantial need for improvement, while a score of 5 reflects exemplary performance.

The overall assessment considers the cumulative scores for all quality statements. The cumulative score then provides the rating for each key question, and these ratings in turn are aggregated to provide the service’s overall rating. This evidences a comprehensive evaluation of a provider’s performance.

What are the “I Statements” the CQC will consider in their Single Assessment Framework?

Putting the individual at the centre of their care:

I Am Heard:

I Am Safe:

I Am Valued:

I Am Part of Improvement:

In conclusion, the CQC Single Assessment Framework signifies a significant shift towards a more comprehensive, person-centred, and adaptable approach to evaluating health and social care providers. As the sector braces for this change, the focus remains on ensuring the highest standard of care for every individual.

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