Care Ideals


I made contact with David at the end of July 2022. We spoke about David’s company, and more specifically about the One Stop Shop service they offer. This concept provides me and my team with support across the board, in all areas of my business. We formally engaged with David and his team from 1st September 2022.

Within a short space of time, David and his team had completed comprehensive compliance visits to both Homes which came complete with detailed Compliance Reports. We were provided with a full set of policies and procedures that can be accessed via the Care Ideals portal (circa 300 documents), and received other bespoke documents such as Contract of Employment, Residents Guide, Statement of Purpose, etc.

From another member of David’s team, we have also had significant support with digital marketing, social media posts, community engagement and general marketing.

David has led on resolving some very complex disciplinary issues and also on a very detailed and complex complaint response. With David’s support, we have made considerable strides in improving the management of long-term absence.

David attends our monthly management meeting. Prior to the meeting, my managers must now complete a detailed report, that informs discussions we have and decisions we make in the management meeting.

David also suggested to me that we should be sharing a bespoke costs analysis each month with the managers, so as to make them more aware of the realities of the financial side of the business. This has started.

With David’s support, we were also able to increase our annual revenue for the company by just under a quarter of a million pounds i.e. £240,000.

I am very impressed with David’s knowledge of the care industry and his awareness of how good care businesses should operate. He responds to me and my team whenever needed, even after hours.

The same must be said about the attitude, responsiveness and knowledge of the rest of David’s team.

I have received very positive feedback from my managers who deal with David and his team on an almost daily basis.

In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Care Ideals. They have greatly improved my business in a short space of time and have significantly reduced the pressures that come with the complexities of compliance and CQC demands. In addition, Care Ideals support us with any other day to day issues.

I am very pleased with the investment I made in David, his team and their One Stop Shop model.


Residential Care Home Group, Merseyside

David works with us on a regular basis, supporting us with safeguarding issues, compliance, HR problems, service redesign and marketing and business development. Care Ideals provide all our policies and procedures and update these regularly and they provide new policies when we require them. Training for specialised areas has also been provided.

I cannot speak highly enough of David and his team,  they are very professional and work quickly and efficiently and most importantly they produce results for the Home and for the residents. My sincere thanks to David and his team and I look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.


Learning Disability Care Home, Stoke

This unique One Stop Shop provides support and advice in almost every area of our care business, including the aforementioned compliance and management meetings, but also quality assurance, finance, full HR support, policies and procedures, general marketing, digital marketing and social media.

David and Gale offer wise, impartial advice from people with a lifetime of experience in the care industry and in business. I am very pleased to be a client of Care Ideals and I foresee our relationship continuing indefinitely. I have no hesitation in recommending Care Ideals to the owners of all care businesses, large and small.


Residential Care Home, Dorchester

It makes such a difference, knowing that we get all of this insight from Care Ideals and we don’t have to phone numerous companies. David’s motivation and his drive to make better care services definitely makes a massive difference. We are truly thankful that we can collaborate with such creative, focused and genuine personalities; and we will continue to work with Care Ideals for many years to come.

Registered Manager

Domiciliary Care Business, Hertfordshire

I cannot speak highly enough of David and his team, they are very knowledgeable and experienced, they know exactly what is required. They are very professional and work quickly and efficiently, and I am always able to contact them for any advice or help with problems that arise. Finally and most importantly they produce results for the Home, for the residents and for the staff.

Director and Owner

Learning Disability Care Home

I have once again seen how David balances the many pressures and conflicting priorities that come with running a business. David continues to ensure he has all the information he needs prior to recommending considered and sustainable changes, so as to address quality and financial issues to his clients.

David is driven to create ethical, sustainable businesses which operate with integrity in the best interests of the residents and patients that they serve. He has the experience to skilfully balance the needs of residents and patients, the staff and the shareholders and owners.

Senior Director

Health and Social Care Sector

Since 2016, David has supported us with not only compliance and CQC issues, but also general operational advice, the provision of a full set of robust policies and procedures, recruiting admin staff, HR guidance, dealing with ACAS and writing settlement agreements.

The policies and procedures are very comprehensive, user friendly and they work as “our bible” for managing and operating our company.

David has a very strong background in many areas of the care industry. It is very reassuring to know we have a highly experienced, dedicated and dependable care professional in our corner, who will provide us with honest and well-considered advice, regardless of the issue.

David has provided us with a “one stop shop” type service in the last 3.5 years and I know if we run into any difficulties, David is always there to provide help.


Large Domiciliary Care Provider

In the months that followed the CQC inspection, we had to attend a number of Large-Scale Enquiry (LSE) meetings with our Local Authority. As a result of David’s support, we were able to show improvements and progress during these meetings, and the Local Authority had renewed confidence in the home.

Without David’s continued support both on-site and over the phone, I do not believe we would have achieved this positive outcome for the home.

He has supported us through some very difficult personal and staffing issues, which have always resulted in a positive outcome for the Group. I feel without David’s guidance, these complex HR issues could have ended with very different outcomes.

David is always available when we need him, which includes weekend work and out of hours work and if I have any issues which I feel I need David’s guidance with, it is dealt with promptly and professionally and is of great support.

Registered Manager

Residential Care Home

David’s assistance is invaluable. His timely advice has enabled us to deal swiftly with some very difficult staffing situations, with no untoward consequences for the business.

I have worked within compliance and quality assurance for many years in various care organisations across the country (both national and charitable organisations) and I very much appreciate what David delivers for our Group. He has been instrumental in improving and raising standards across the Group.

David’s focus is always the best interests of the residents and he is able to balance this with keeping our organisation safe, from both the compliance perspective and the business perspective. David adds great value to our Group.

Group Compliance Manager

Care Home Group

Over the last few years, we have improved our quality of service tremendously. Without David’s dedication, commitment and support, it would have been much tougher for us to realise our goals.

David’s motivation and his drive to make better care services definitely made all the difference.

David has always been there to support, advise and encourage, irrespective of the crisis we needed help with. I am not exaggerating when I say that he has been a tower of strength.

The plans we now have in place for future development would not have been possible without David’s advice and guidance, and his focus on service delivery.

Quality Assurance Manager

Large Domiciliary Care Provider

David’s warm and approachable nature, along with his vast and in-depth knowledge of the residential care sector allowed me to manage and implement the needed changes at quite a rapid pace. His support and involvement gave me reassurance in making needed changes and improvements in a large residential service.

David’s care plans and risk profiles were precise and succinct and enabled carers to have a much clearer picture of a resident’s needs and risks, and how each resident wished to be cared for.

I believe that without David’s involvement our commissioners, stakeholders and regulator wouldn’t have had the confidence and reassurance that the organisation was aware of and in control of making the much-needed improvements, that would help our service progress and get better.

Deputy Manager

Large Residential Care Home

David was very keenly attuned to the different needs of (setting up) such a service from the outset. He understood clearly and seemed to manage effortlessly the dynamics of setting up a service markedly different from the adult services within the hospital.

I found that he understood the needs of staff and patients alike and demonstrated absolute commitment to the development of excellence within the service both clinically and commercially.

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

One of David’s strengths was his ability to relate well to his colleagues and manage others in a respectful and meaningful manner. He would always listen to the opinions of others and he was flexible enough to make adaptations if needed. He had a reputation of being ‘firm but fair’ which gave him much respect among all the staff working at the hospital.

His ability to manage the financial running of the hospital was impressive and he was able to observe developments in other competing units locally, developments in the NHS and national standards with foresight and able to stay a step ahead of external pressures.

For someone with a business/managerial background David’s awareness of clinical issues was excellent and the success of that unit was in no small part down to his ability, commitment and drive.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist