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Meet David

About David Beattie

David has worked in senior positions in the healthcare industry since 2002. During his career, he has repeatedly and successfully turned around and salvaged hospitals and care units that were encountering serious difficulties, or that were systemically damaged. He has successfully prepared for and dealt with many different types of regulatory inspections (including CQC in England, HIW in Wales, and Commissioner reviews and audits).

David has extensive experience of managing both secure and non-secure services; including medium secure, low secure, locked rehabilitation, acute wards and residential units. The services that David has managed dealt with a range of diagnoses, including mental illness, personality disorder and learning disability; and delivered care and treatment to men, women and male adolescents.

David operates in a conscientious, open and transparent manner; and proactively deals with all challenges. He is very proud of the fact, that in any of the services he has managed, the care and treatment being provided to Service Users has always significantly improved.

The provision of comprehensive, individualised care and rehabilitation for Service Users is a vocation that David passionately believes in. His goal is to assist healthcare business owners in developing and improving their businesses, for the continued benefit of their Service Users and staff.

Other Members of the Team

David has long-standing relationships with Senior Nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, Consultant Psychologists and Employment Law Solicitors.

When required, and in agreement with business owners or directors, these very experienced professionals will be available to advise on and resolve relevant issues. This includes the raising of clinical standards, improving clinical practice and providing specialist legal advice.

Our senior clinicians can also provide a broad range of clinical training, including:

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Clinical Risk Assessments
  • Boundaries Training
  • Working with Self-Harm
  • Recovery Training
For more information or to book a no fee consultation, please call 07763 070881