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Manager Recruitment

We recognise the importance of having a great manager in place to run your care business. In fact, that person often determines how successful (or not) your care business is.

The manager of a care business must be caring and compassionate, a good communicator, and willing to go the extra mile for their residents and service users, and their staff. But, from first-hand experience, we’re also convinced that whoever you recruit for this position should know and understand the importance of profitability, marketing and business development.

This person will be the registered manager with CQC, and their responsibilities will extend to overseeing and managing your whole care business. We refer to this role as the General Manager.

Finding someone who can be your General Manager isn’t easy, but Care Ideals can help.

Our specialist recruitment service is one of the many services we provide to help fundamentally improve care businesses. We partner with an experienced recruitment consultancy and draw upon our more than 160 years of combined experience managing, operating and advising care businesses, to help you identify and select the best candidate to manage your whole care business.

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Our recruitment campaign doesn’t consist of just sending you a batch of CV’s we’ve found on Indeed or LinkedIn. We do much more…

Each recruitment campaign we run for you will be unique to your specific requirements and will always include focussed candidate searches, short-listing, and a robust 3-level interview process structured to determine each candidate’s values and attitudes.

You can be involved as much or as little as you wish in this process.

Your people are always your superpower.

Recruiting the right person to manage your care business will ensure a healthy culture that motivates your staff to deliver exceptional care, whilst at the same time helping the profitability and long-term success of your care business. This is the ideal scenario for any care business, and we can help make it a reality.