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Case Study 9

David Beattie provided support to a large Care Home in Birmingham and was asked to complete an initial Compliance Visit.

He was then asked to provide support in other areas of the Home. This included introducing David’s Clinical Risk Profile to the Home. He completed Clinical Risk Profiles for all of the Home’s 60 residents and re-wrote from scratch the care plans and risk assessments for about half of the Home’s residents.

Just over 3 months after completing his initial Compliance Visit, David was asked to complete a further Compliance Visit, so that the Senior Management could assess progress made against David’s first Compliance Report.

Detailed and comprehensive reports were supplied to the management of their Care Home, in order that could clearly understand what the issues were and how best to resolve these issues.

David worked very closely with the Home’s Deputy Manager during the completion of these tasks. Below is what the Deputy Manager had to say about David’s contribution to the Home:

“Following the Compliance Visit, David provided us with a very detailed and evidence-based report. It was constructively critical yet supportive, and it helped us to see where and how we needed to improve. It was a true and fair reflection of where the service was at the time.

In December 2019, David was asked to complete a follow-up Compliance Visit. This was again supportive. It clearly showed where progress had been made and where improvements were still needed. His rating for the service across CQC’s five key lines of enquiry was very close to that of the CQC’s own inspection findings a few months later.

David’s knowledge and experience was invaluable in supporting us to come up with a robust action plan. He walked side-by-side with us in implementing some of the changes that were needed to help us become a safer, more responsive service.

David’s warm and approachable nature, along with his vast and in-depth knowledge of the residential care sector allowed me to manage and implement the needed changes at quite a rapid pace. His support and involvement gave me reassurance in making needed changes and improvements in a large residential service. 

David introduced clinical risk profiles to the home and wrote a clinical risk profile for every resident. He also re-wrote many of our care plans. David’s expertise in writing the care plans and the clinical risk profiles was particularly helpful in facilitating sustainable change to the home.

David’s care plans and risk profiles were precise and succinct and enabled carers to have a much clearer picture of a resident’s needs and risks, and how each resident wished to be cared for. These new care plans were a significant improvement on previous versions. David worked closely with staff and families when writing those plans.

I believe that without David’s involvement our commissioners, stakeholders and regulator wouldn’t have had the confidence and reassurance that the organisation was aware of and in control of making the much-needed improvements, that would help our service progress and get better. I am very comfortable in saying that David’s involvement with most any care provider will be of benefit to that service.”