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Case Study 8

The owner of this Domiciliary Care provider contacted David Beattie to request support and assistance. The provider had been operating for just over a year and hadn’t yet been inspected by the CQC. However, the local Commissioning Team had informed the provider that they weren’t satisfied with the recruitment procedures being used, that they were concerned about the standards of care, and that they wouldn’t refer Clients to the provider until these issues were resolved.

A Consultant from Care Ideals completed a Compliance Visit. We found a number of areas of poor practice in relation to care provision and recruitment, there was no audit programme in place, care plans and risk assessments were poorly written and weren’t focused on the individual, and there was an overall lack of person-centred care.

Following the Compliance Visit, we completed a comprehensive and detailed report, which specified the issues and provided solutions to all of these shortfalls. We worked closely with the provider during the next two months.

Some of the measures we implemented for the provider include:

  1. what to look for when assessing risk, and how this should be done
  2. the importance of on-going risk assessment, and what needs to be done when risks change or increase
  3. what is “person-centred care” and how this should be implemented, managed and monitored on a daily basis
  4. a robust and effective recruitment process
  5. a repeatable governance, audit and quality assurance system.

Two months after Care Ideals started supporting this provider, CQC arrived for the first inspection. Below is the inspection result: