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Case Study 7

The owner of this Domiciliary Care business approached David Beattie and asked him to complete an initial 3-day Mock Inspection. Although the provider had been operating for more than 2 years, they hadn’t previously been inspected by CQC.

Following David’s Compliance Visit, it was apparent that the provider had very few systems and processes in place; and David highlighted a number of concerns about how risk was being managed.

Following the Mock Inspection, David completed a comprehensive report, which detailed the issues and provided solutions. David worked closely with the owner and his staff to implement systems, processes and procedures.

David was available whenever needed to advise the provider as to which actions should be completed, and by when. Some of the key action points that led to improvements were:

  1. more proactive communication between the carers and the office
  2. the importance of comprehensive Pre-Support Assessments
  3. why managing risk is so important and what to look for
  4. missing documentation from personnel files was obtained
  5. introducing a robust quality assurance and governance structure, and ensuring this structure become standard practice
  6. ensuring that any issues that were identified, were followed up and resolved.

A few months later, CQC arrived for the first inspection.