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Case Study 5

David Beattie was approached by the provider of this large residential Care Home, following a poor CQC result.

David completed a detailed and specific Action Plan to be sent to the CQC inspector. He then visited the Home and completed a Mock Inspection and provided the Directors with a comprehensive report as to shortfalls.

It was evident that there were material issues with record keeping, care plans, risk assessments, staff files, training, and supervision and appraisal compliance.

David then sent a Care Ideals Consultant to the Home to work with the Area Manager and the Registered Manager, and to address the many shortfalls.

Issues that we addressed whilst supporting the Home included:

  1. increasing staffing levels so that the whole of this large building could be safely covered through the course of each day
  2. teaching staff how to correctly assess staffing requirements through the use of a Dependency Tool, that we supplied to the Home
  3. improving medication management and administration
  4. the correct way to write care plans, so that they were person-centred and specific to individual residents
  5. the importance of effective risk management
  6. how to identify risk, and how to ensure that increases in risk were correctly addressed both in practice and in the content of risk assessments
  7. implementing a robust governance system so that issues and risks are highlighted in good time, and then addressed through action plans and ongoing audit
  8. implementing a culture of “lessons learnt” to help with effective risk management and quality assurance
  9. helping management to track when supervisions and appraisals should take place, and to ensure that this schedule is adhered to
  10. implementing a DoLS tracker to ensure that restrictions in place were relevant and appropriate as per the individual resident’s requirements
  11. our Consultant conducted training over the next few months, so as to make the Home compliant with training targets.