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Case Study 2

Following a very poor CQC inspection result, the owner of this Dementia Care Home approached David Beattie for support and advice.

David visited the Home and completed a Compliance Visit. He compiled a very comprehensive Action Plan that addressed all of the issues highlighted by the CQC inspection, and that were also identified during David’s Compliance Visit.

Issues that were identified included:

  1. poor standards in relation to medication management
  2. lack of correct paperwork in staff personnel files
  3. lack of audit and governance structure across the Home
  4. care plans and risk assessments were lacking in detail
  5. risks were poorly identified and monitored
  6. daily and weekly checks such as turning charts, food and nutrition charts, weight charts, etc weren’t up to date and there was little or no follow up
  7. lack of communication with staff due to lack of staff meetings
  8. Safeguarding processes and procedures were not always followed correctly
  9. lack of communication with external professionals such as dieticians and Speech and Language Therapists
  10. record keeping wasn’t consistent
  11. health and safety checks such as water temperatures weren’t always accurate or kept up to date.

David visited the Home a number of times and provided very detailed reports following each Compliance Visit. He also advised the provider as to how improvements needed to be made.

Through working with the Registered Manager and the Deputy Manager, gradual improvements were made month after month.

Daily and weekly checks improved, as did medication management. We implemented a comprehensive audit, quality assurance and governance structure. Tasks were allocated to specific staff to ensure actioning and completion.

Care plans and risk assessments were monitored on an on-going basis, as a way to assess how much learning was taking place amongst the staff group. Over time, these documents become comprehensive and risks were addressed timeously and effectively.