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Case Study 1

David Beattie was contacted by the provider of this large nursing and residential Care Home, following a recommendation about David from a contact at their Local Authority.

The Home had just had a very poor CQC inspection, and the nursing unit at the Home had been closed immediately by the CQC, with all nursing residents moved to other providers. In addition, the CQC had also issued a Notice of Proposal to close the rest of the Home, which consisted of two residential care units.

David assisted the Home over a period of a few months to guide and support them through this very trying time. Some of the work undertaken during this period included:

  1. compiling a detailed and robust response to the CQC’s Notice of Proposal
  2. compiling an itemised and comprehensive Action Plan that addressed all of the CQC’s concerns
  3. on-going communication and liaison with the CQC and the Local Authority Contract Monitoring Team
  4. attending Contract Monitoring meetings with the Local Authority
  5. supporting and mentoring the Unit Managers
  6. conducting Daily Walk-Around to check on cleanliness and hygiene, and to monitor staff interactions with residents
  7. ensuring that various checks e.g. weight charts, pressure sore charts, food and nutrition charts, etc were being completed as and when they needed to be
  8. completing medication audits
  9. ensuring that kitchen checks e.g. food temperature, kitchen temperatures, etc were being completed as and when they needed to be
  10. auditing care plans and risk assessments and advising on shortfalls
  11. introducing Heads of Department meetings to ensure that communication was more effective across the Home, and also ensuring that specific people were allocated jobs to complete
  12. leading meetings with relatives so that they were aware of how the Home was improving and addressing concerns relatives had
  13. implementing a system of governance, audit and quality assurance
  14. ensuring that the newly introduced quality assurance system was being adhered to, and that identified shortfalls were addressed and rectified on an on-going basis
  15. supporting the Unit Managers with long-standing HR issues, that hadn’t been addressed previously
  16. given the rapid reduction in occupancy, the Home was left with significantly too many staff and David supported the Directors through the process of staff redundancies.