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Case Study 7

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Care Ideals and David Beattie had been supporting a large Care Home located in Yorkshire since 2018. This guidance was initially focused on general operational advice, ad hoc HR support, training and the provision of policies and procedures.

In September 2021, the Operations Manager for the Home decided to retire. The owner of the Home, who was aware of the Care Ideals Complete Care Business Solution informed David that he wanted to sign up to this unique concept. The owner wanted the expertise of the Care Ideals team to support the Home and the Registered Manager.

The Complete Care Business Solution offering commenced at the end of October 2021. In the months that followed, the Care Ideals team have worked with the Registered Manager and other managers in the Home to raise standards and improve practice.

At the end of November 2021, a member of the Care Ideals team conducted a 3-day Compliance Visit, and we produced a detailed and specific 55-page report complete with an Executive Summary that described the rating we thought CQC would provide, as well the reasons why. This was shared with the Registered Manager and various action plans were produced, all with the goal of making the Home better.

Since that time, our significant support has included:

  1. enhancing the Quality Assurance programme and management oversight across the Home.
  2. completing supervision for the Registered Manager.
  3. advising on marketing and advertising.
  4. investigating and advising on a suitable electronic care plan system.
  5. provided detailed answers related to a unique circumstance pertaining to restrictions, capacity and consent.
  6. reviewed and finalised responses to complaints.
  7. advised on other issues related to their Business Continuity Plan and their contract of employment.
  8. helped them to complete their responses to the Data Security Protection Toolkit.
  9. Etc

During a supervision session that took place between David and the Registered Manager in March 2022, the Registered Manager stated that her and her staff:

  1. were very encouraged by the work being done by Care Ideals
  2. that for the first time in years they felt their Home was moving forward
  3. that the Care Ideals Complete Solution was professionalising what Care Homes could be and how they are perceived.