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Case Study 6

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Following a CQC inspection where the owner’s Adult Learning Disability Care Home had been rated Inadequate overall and had received “5 reds”, the owner of this Home contacted Care Ideals for support.

A few days after Care Ideals started providing support, the Care Home was sent a Notice of Proposal from CQC that the Homes registration would be cancelled.

David Beattie completed a very detailed Representations document, responding to the CQC Inspection Report and the Notice of Proposal to close the Home. In addition to the Representations document, David also completed a comprehensive Action Plan, which covered all areas of concern that had been raised by CQC.

At the same time, a Care Ideals Consultant started a comprehensive review of the Home. Some of the work that the consultant completed included:

  1. managerial support
  2. implementing structures and processes
  3. developing a governance framework
  4. conducting staff training
  5. rewriting all care plans and risk assessments.
  6. staff meetings and residents’ meetings were started
  7. relative’s meetings were started
  8. all personnel files were reviewed, and missing documentation was obtained
  9. medication audits were completed
  10. many other daily operational changes were implemented.

David kept both Social Services and CQC fully up to date throughout this period.

Four months later, the owner, David Beattie and the Care Ideals Consultant attended a meeting with a Senior Manager from the local Social Services Department and the CQC inspector.

During the meeting, the CQC inspector stated that colleagues had told her the Representations document that David Beattie had submitted was one of the most balanced and comprehensive that they had seen. The inspector went on to say that CQC would not be taking the proposed cancellation of the Home’s registration any further.

The CQC inspector also said the Home still needed to be re-inspected, so that she could evidence the progress that had been made. Two weeks after this meeting, the CQC inspector arrived at the Home to complete a two-day unannounced inspection. A significant improvement was noted.

CQC Result Prior to Care Ideals Involvement

  • Overall rating for this service Inadequate
  • Is the service safe? Inadequate
  • Is the service effective? Inadequate
  • Is the service caring? Inadequate
  • Is the service responsive? Inadequate
  • Is the service well-led? Inadequate

CQC Result with support from Care Ideals

  • Overall rating for this service Requires Improvement
  • Is the service safe? Requires Improvement
  • Is the service effective? Good
  • Is the service caring? Good
  • Is the service responsive? Good
  • Is the service well-led? Requires Improvement