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Case Study 1

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A small Care Home Group had experienced some very problematic years. Their compliance was poor, occupancy was lower than ideal, and they were in a very difficult position with their bank.

A number of discussions were held between the directors and David Beattie. The directors signed up to the Complete Solution for Care Businesses that encompassed support in all areas of the business, including:

  1. monthly compliance visits
  2. prompting and guidance with marketing and business development
  3. unlimited support and advice via phone calls and email
  4. the development and introduction of a robust and tried Quality Assurance programme
  5. the co-ordination of processes and procedures across all the Group’s Homes
  6. full HR support
  7. cost control
  8. supervision and management meetings with all the Group’s managers
  9. the provision of full policy packs
  10. the compilation of comprehensive monthly reports for all external stakeholders
  11. etc, etc.

This work commenced in November 2021. When the CQC inspector who oversees the Group found out about David’s involvement, she commented that she was very happy and relieved that David and the team from Care Ideals would be supporting the Group.

Over the next few months, David and the Care Ideals team worked with the various managers. The results speak for themselves and have been recognised by the owners of the Group. All of these comments below are from the owners and are unsolicited.

“David, thank you for your monthly report, which I greatly look forward to. We (you) are making great strides forward and it looks like we can now see the trees! I’m sure these improvements are registering with the council and CQC and would not be surprised if they are also impacting on enquiries and admissions.”

“May I say how delighted we were with your input on the call with the bank. Many thanks. For the 1st time in years, we think we might be able to relax a little”.

“Just so delighted that you are looking at everything with a fresh and critical eye. We feel so much better”.

“Thank you for your report. It makes exhausting reading and the amount of work being done and needing to be done to follow the instructions is phenomenal. But how fantastic to have such detailed instructions”.

“Thank you very much for your most helpful report and hard work. It is vital that the managers follow up on your suggestions to get the Homes knocked into shape”.

“David, thank you for your concise report. Very informative for us. We can see that your support will be invaluable going forward, and provided our managers carry out your recommendations, as with the other staff mentioned, successful outcomes will be achieved”.